Top 11 Russian Vodka Brands You Need To Try

When you think of drinking vodka, the first that comes to your mind is Russian vodka. Because Russian Vodka Brands is world-famous for their premium taste and outstanding quality, well, they have the most significant land mass on earth, and, They use it to grow grains and other ingredients to produce liquor. Fun Fact: They have been producing vodka in large quantities since the 14th century. 

Surprisingly, Choosing the right Russian vodka is not easy. There are many things to consider, like price, quantity, and quality. Each Brand has its own unique taste, so you must find out which one suits your taste and your pocket. Well, if you want to drink some or when you drink next time, you go for the best vodka—dont Worry; I got you. We are here to inform you about the top 11 Russian Vodka Brands. So next time, you can put your hard-earned money into the right vodka. 

Top 11 Russian Vodka Brands :

1. Russian Standard 

In the first place, we have Russian Standard for you. Ultimately, It comes with a spicy taste and a Slightly oily texture. They makes it from local wheat from winter, and it gets filtered through charcoal. They use the water of Lake Ladoga. Initially, The Brand was first introduced in 1998 by Roustam Tariko. It comes in four variants: Russian Standard Original, Russian Standard Gold, Russian Standard Platinum, and the most expensive and premium vodka by them is Imperial. Finally, 34$ is imperial’s price per 750ml.

Russian Vodka Brands

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2. Smirnoff 

On 2nd place in top Russian Vodka Brands is Smirnoff. It is one of the oldest to sell vodka. They have been in the liquor business since 1884. Founded by Pytor Smirnov, they have 40 flavors, and it’s being sold in around 130 countries. Fun Fact: Pytor died with a net worth of 130 million dollars. Smirnoff’s original version comes as gluten-free, and their alcohol also gets charcoal filtered. At last, The average price of their vodka is just 14$.

3. Beluga Noble

On the third, we have Beluga Noble for You. It is made from clean water from artesian wells of Siberia and malt spirit, making Beluga Noble the perfect choice. This bottled vodka has a rich yet soft flavor for sipping neat. The natural ingredients of Beluga vodka go through a three-step filtration system. Then, they set out the vodka for thirty days. Distillers eliminate the complex flavor and smell by leaving the vodka out, making the final product. Eventually, You need to pay 44$ for one bottle of 750ml.

4. Green Mark

As a vodka loyal to its country, Green Mark reflects its culture and heritage. Natural Russian ingredients are the central part of any of their vodka. After that, their traditional distillation Techniques complete the product to deliver the same premium taste every time to their loved customers. Their brand name comes from the Russian government giving the green Mark to the Brand for quality assurance. To this day, the Brand only takes ingredients from Russia. In the end, It’s cheap than other Russian Vodka Brands, just 10$ for a 750ml bottle.

Russian Vodka Brands

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5. Husky

Undoubtedly, This is the Brand with the rowdiest name. Actually, The name Husky comes from the husky dog that comes from the same religion. No doubt, why husky dog lovers and people of Russia loves to drink this quality vodka. Husky vodka’s making process happens in the cold environment of Siberia. They use the spring water of Russia and cold filtration technology to filter it. The cold temperature makes filters filter more impurities. Resulting in better vodka for us to drink. You can find this vodka in beautiful blue bottles for you to drink. In conclusion, You can get one 750ml bottle at an average of 20$.

6. Jewel Of Russia (Most Unique Vodka Brand in all The Russian Vodka Brands)

Here, This vodka is different in terms of its bottles. Every bottle comes with a unique design that represents Russian culture. Every bottle artist gives a unique design to the bottle. Each beautiful bottle of vodka consists of pure quality Russian ingredients. Water that is used to make this vodka comes from artesian wells of over 500-feet-deep. Winter wheat and rye are going to be used as grain sources in this vodka.

Every Collection of This vodka goes through the traditional Russian methods of Five stage distillation, which makes the vodka smooth and clean. This process makes this vodka unique and tasty at the same time. This Brand is a premium brand because of its high-quality vodka and unique bottle designs. Finally, To buy this exceptional vodka, you need to pay 75$ per 750ml.

7.Mamont Siberian 

Mamont Siberian is the countries one of the oldest Russian Vodka Brands. They use pure Russian ingredients, and with their sustainable distillation system, they make one of the finest vodkas in the world. In short, It is the combination of their tradition and their unique craftsmanship. It is a mix of bold, crisp and smooth. Most of their production is situated in Russia, which makes it the nation’s favorite. Lastly, Their average price per vodka bottle is 38$ for 750ml.


Stoli is a premium brand that is a blend of their traditions and modern distilling process. Stoli is 40% ABV. The Brand distills most of the vodka from grains. They also offer a gluten-free version, which is made from corn and buckwheat. What Makes this Brand different from others? Their concern for mother earth. Stoli gets ten bottles removed from the oceans and rivers on every bottle that customers purchase. They collaborated with the Redsea project for this. By purchasing this vodka, you can make our world clean. 18$ is their price per 750ml bottle.

Russian Vodka Brands

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9.Zyr Vodka 

Made from nutrients rich wheat and rye of the motherland of Russia, this vodka has its own fanbase in the vodka world. It gives people the pure Russian vodka taste that most people can’t get enough of. It undergoes five purification processes, which gives the purest and smoothest finish. After that, They adds pure water, and we get our final product, which you can finally drink. Hence, The average price of Zyr vodka is 28$ per 750ml.


Actually, the word Polugar means Half Burned. This vodka also uses the old distillation systems of ancient Russia. They use copper pot distillers for their vodka. It is more like an emotion than vodka. If you are someone who wants the old, legendary taste, Polugar is your best choice. Last of all, The average price of their vodka is 60$ per 750 ml.

11.Tsarkaya (Last but not the least in Russian Vodka Brands)

If you had searched for a premium vodka experience, look no further than Tsarkaya. This vodka is made with selected wheat and rye grains and is distilled six times with a smooth process. Then they filters it through charcoal and finally through quartz sand, which gives us a clean taste. It’s an excellent choice for toasting special occasions. You are going to enjoy it neat or mixed because it has that luxurious touch.

Faq Of Russian Vodka Brands:

What is the best Russian vodka?

Russian Standard is the best Russian vodka. They are making it from pure Russian grains, and extreme distillation systems make it the perfect choice for everyone.

What are Russia’s most popular vodka brands?

Big Names like Russian Standard, Husky, Beluga Noble, and Smirnoff are the most popular brands in Russia. You should definitely try one of these at your next occasion.  


To Summarize, There are many Russian vodka brands, but not all of them have that premium quality. Some of the best in the market include brands like Russian Standard, Beluga Noble, and Smirnoff. If you are looking for luxurious vodka with your friend and colleagues, be sure to try one of these brands. All of this brands uses Russian wheat and are known for their smooth and spicy taste. Tell us in the comment which Russian vodka brand is your favorite, and for more such content, bookmark us.

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