How many shots are in a fifth? Is drinking more than a standard drink harmful?

In this modern century, the consumption of alcohol statistics has exceeded 69% of all age groups above 18+. To the reader’s surprise, 89% of the young population in the world consumes Alcohol. However, most of them order only a standard drink in order to avoid the consequences of BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration. So, if you are wondering, how many shots are in a fifth? Then, you are on the right platform. Thus, before going deep into the knowledge of ABV calculation and standard drink calculation, let’s view an explanation of what “how many shots in a fifth” actually mean. 


How to calculate “how many shots are in a fifth”?


To begin with, “How many shots in a fifth” means that the consumer wants to confirm the number of shots that one can take in a 5X quantity of a liquor bottle. Let’s suppose you have a bottle of whiskey with a volume weight of 750 ml. Meaning it has 25.36 ounces in total.


Please note that one standard drink or shot only contains 1.5 ounces. Henceforth, in the fifth bottle of whiskey mentioned bottle (volume 750 ml), there will be 17 shots only. 


Some consumers may confuse the phrase “fifth of liquor” for “one-fifth of the total quantity of liquor.” Henceforth, their calculation remains wrong and irrelevant. Please note that “A Fifth of Liquor” is always 750 ml. 

How many shots are in a fifth
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As a result, whether you ask, how many shots are in a fifth of vodka? Or, how many shots are in a fifth of tequila? The answer will remain the same – 17 shots because each bottle will be 750 ml. And, one standard shot is 1.5 ounces. 


Here’s the proper calculation for your reference: 


Given that,


750 ml = 25.36 ounces (1 ounce = 29.5 ml)


So, one fifth bottle = 750 ml = 25.36 ounces. 


Now, one standard drink = 1.5 ounces. 


How many shots are in a fifth = Total ounces in a bottle divided by one standard drink = 25.36/1.5 = 17 shots approximately? 


With that being said and calculated as evident above, you may wonder how many shots are good for one’s health in a day. Let’s read ahead to find the answers: 


What is a standard drink? How to calculate a fifth of a drink with less or more Alcohol By Volume? 


According to the alcohol studies, 1.5 ounces of a shot is called a standard drink. Now, people’s choices are different. For example, some people prefer whiskey. While preparing a peg of whiskey, some pour only 1.5 ounces of liquor in the glass and rest they add water, soft drink, or soda. 


On the other hand, consumers who prefer beer have a 12 ounces pint without any soda or soft drink because that’s the culture. So, it can be different for consumers to tell if they are under or overdoing Alcohol.

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How many shots are in a fifth? This question doesn’t matter if you don’t know the ABV or BAC of the alcoholic beverage you are ordering. If you don’t know what ABV or BAC is, read ahead. 


What is ABV or Alcohol By Volume?

To begin with, ABV or Alcohol By Volume is the percentage of pure Alcohol that has been added to liquor during its making. For example, let’s suppose you have a bottle of whiskey with 25 ounces volume. It doesn’t mean that the entire fluid is pure Alcohol. Of course, there are flavours and fruit juices and other ingredients inside it. But, if you want to know how much pure Alcohol is in that 25 ounces bottle of whiskey, you will have to check its “ABV percentage.” Any whiskey’s average ABV percentage based on US law is 40%. 

How many shots are in a fifth
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Therefore, 40% of 25 ounces if 10. Meaning, that bottle of whiskey contains 10 ounces of pure Alcohol. This is only a rough calculation because ABV calculators of the modern age are very tricky. They include factors like the gravity unit, which is beyond thinking of those who are not experts in mathematics or run a brewery. 


Again, you don’t have to calculate ABV because all bottles have a label of ABV on it. And, you make your choice wiser according to it. 

Why is “how many shots are in a fifth” important to know? 

More often than not, the concept of “how many shots are in a fifth” does not matter for consumers. Because they know their drink and make it well, this concept is widely crucial to become a good bartender. Because, as a bartender, if you don’t know how much to pour in a hard drink? Or, how much to pour in a light drink? You may not have picked the right career for you. 


What is BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration?

If you are planning to limit your consumption of Alcohol-based on how many shots are in a fifth? Then, you are on the right pathway. According to the studies, only one standard drink per day is a safe consumption statistic for female drinkers. On the other hand, since men are physically larger than females, therefore, their safe capacity of consumption is two drinks per day. 


There are 17 shots/drinks in a fifth or 750 ml of liquor. Any bottle of liquor, be it whiskey, tequila, vodka, beer, etc., each has 17 shots in a fifth. Now, Studies have shown that 21 shots of any liquor can be a risk to one’s life. They can result in death because 21 shots cause their Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC to reach the highest level. You may be wondering what BAC is? 


By definition, BAC is the amount of Alcohol that enters your bloodstream and mixes with blood. BAC is one of the reasons why people feel dizzy after many shots of Alcohol. BAC majorly depends on Alcohol by volume or alcohol content percentage of the liquor. 

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For example, the average BAC in one pint of beer (12 ounces) is 0.025%, conditioned that you are equivalent to or more than 150 pounds in weight. But, let’s suppose you are drinking liquor with an 80 proof label. Meaning it has 40% alcohol content. Therefore, one shot of such liquor (1.5 ounces) is enough to increase your BAC by 0.025%. 


Please note that according to the USA Laws & Regulations, BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration more than 0.8% can cause brain damage in a human being with a weak immune system. In comparison, a BAC value more than or equivalent to 0.40% has the highest potential of death. 


Other “shots calculations” you must consider

For the most part, not every alcohol consumer purchases a fifth or 750 ml bottle of liquor. Some also go for a handle or a full handle. Meaning they contain more than 750 ml. So, the following are some calculations you must consider: 


How many shots are in a handle? 

One handle of liquor is equivalent to 60 ounces. As we know, one standard shot or drink is 1.5 ounces. So, there are a total of 39 shots in a handle. 


On the other hand, a full handle is equivalent to 65 ounces. So, only 40 shots in a full handle. There are 22 shots in a litre of a liquor bottle. 


How many shots in a fifth will get you tipsy or drunk? 

To begin with, the concept of how many shots will get you tipsy mainly depends on two factors. Those are: 


  • Alcohol by Volume percentage, and
  • The capacity of handling liquor of the consumer. 


For those whose capacity is average, 5-6 shots of vodka are enough to get drunk. Whereas, if you are a beginner, three shots can get your head moving. 


For more information and precautionary guides on Alcohol Consumption, ping us! Thank you for your coverage on this topic. Bookmark us for further insights. If you are going through an “alcoholic” phase, we recommend you see a professional right away. 

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