About Wong’s King

Portland, Oregon, USA certainly lost a huge opportunity when the Wong’s King Seafood Restaurant decided to close its doors in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But their executive chef, FuLai Wong, continues to spread his joy as the ultimate champion of seafood and dim sum in the form of sharing useful cooking information on this platform.

FuLai Wong - Executive chef of Wong’s King Seafood

FuLai Wong, executive chef of Wong’s King.

His 15 years of professional experience in restaurant kitchens has definitely placed him at the forefront of Chinese cuisine. Being an executive chef at Wong’s King was in itself a huge accomplishment for him. The restaurant’s sheer length of menu, use of exotic ingredients, and the massive waiting list for dining - all proof of the fact that fine Chinese tradition still lives on.

FuLai Wong, despite not having been to any cooking school or institution, can spruce up the most delicious pork and shrimp dumplings and the perfectly tender lobster. Along with delectably exquisite chicken paws, black bean spareribs, and lots more.

His unique expertise when it comes to preparing, shaping, and crafting dim sums is actually a result of his heritage. He grew up in Guangzhou, China - the very birthplace of traditional dim sums. Despite the language barrier, FuLai Wong managed to establish Wong’s King in America that, until 2020, was popular for its 85-percent traditional Chinese menu.

And now what this Dim Sum King has decided to do is set up a resourceful platform from where chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and foodies from all over the world can take inspiration and also the most practical tips for cooking. He also reviews some of the best kitchen/cooking products, so you can prepare the most mouth-watering dishes, no matter how experimental or exotic.