Wild Casino Secrets Revealed

Casinos are businesses like any other and have unique secrets and tricks to get players to stick around. For obvious reasons, they do not publicize their ways. However, thanks to online forums, previous casino employees were more than happy to spill the beans. Of course, these probably won’t stop you from visiting local sites. Since no matter what we know about the, casinos are still a super entertaining way to pass an evening out with friends.

Here are some of the wildest casino secrets that most people are completely unaware of. 

Slot Games All Have the Same Notes So They Don’t Clash

Imagine the ruckus in the slot machine section of the casino if every slot game had a unique sound. Of course, different games do have different soundtracks. However, it was revealed that every game is written in C major. So that they don’t clash and annoy users, forcing them to leave from the annoyance. 

However, this wouldn’t be the case when playing online. At a site such as Pokie pop, where you are not exposed to what others are playing and only have the sights and sounds of the game you’re playing on your screen.

More People Die at Casinos Than You Realize

According to reports from casino employees, casino patrons die more often at casinos than most people realize. But when you think about it this makes complete sense. Casino entertainment often attracts older individuals with the means of gambling. Additionally, it’s also a high-action and exciting environment. Which can also be stressful depending on how your luck is going and how responsibly you’re playing. In other words, people with health conditions would be likely to get overexcited in such an environment from time to time. 

The House Always Wins

Ok, so this one isn’t so much of a secret. Since it’s a well-known fact that the casino must make a profit, or it wouldn’t exist. However, it means that thanks to the house edge, if you play long enough, even when you’re winning or have a lot of profit, the house will get you in the end. 

Casino employees have reported seeing people lose back tens of thousands of dollars to the casino. When they could have easily quit and left far richer than they started. So, keep this in mind next time you visit a casino. Never get greedy and end up losing back your winnings. Yes, the house does win in the end, but it doesn’t have to be from you. 

The More You Win the More Carefully You’re Watched

If you’re in a casino, it’s safe to say that eyes are on you from every position. And this is especially true if you are winning thousands of dollars. This amount changes depending on the casino. However, you can be sure that when you hit a certain amount, all of your actions will be carefully scrutinized by the floor staff and the “eyes in the sky”. A room full of security whose only job is to carefully watch everything taking place. 

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