What Is Moonshine and Know Why it is illegal?

Alcohol drinks are legal in almost all countries; people worldwide drink them joyfully. However, there is a type of alcoholic drink that is illegal in some countries called Moonshine. You probably wonder what is Moonshine. It is a high-ABV alcohol drink that is usually made illegally. Earlier, people were creating it secretly to dodge high taxes or outright bans on alcoholic beverages. Moonshine term has been around since the 15th century. In this article, we will give you all the information about it. So, keep reading.

What Is Moonshine?

It is a high-ABV liquor created illegally without government approval. People call it Moonshine because it is illegally distilled at night, so police can not find them. It is famous for its high alcohol percentage. However, Its popularity grew in the prohibition era. The US government considers it a “fanciful term” and doesn’t control its use. Therefore, people use it for marketing their products.

What is Moonshine Made Of?

Most people make it from corn, but you can make it from any fruit or grain. However, most makers live in rural areas, so they use whatever grain they have in excess. However, corn is most used because of its mass quantity, and it has excellent fermentable sugar in it. 

What is Moonshine Alcohol Content:

It is famous for its high alcohol content and its too high. Most Moonshine has 40% ABV; however, some contain over 60% ABV. You can convert alcohol content to proof by doubling it. So. 50% ABV will be 100-proof. When a brand makes it, the alcohol content will be low. But, most makers are from rural areas and unskilled, so alcohol content varies too much. Sometimes the alcohol content is too much that it becomes undrinkable. High alcohol content affects drinkers in harmful ways. Because of it, a hydrometer is recommended for distilling to know the ABV of the drink.

Moonshine History:

Most people know Moonshine because of the prohibition era. However, it is far older than that. The term moonshine is British and first discovered in 1785. However, the other names are White Lightning, hooch and mash liquor. Many countries produce it, and every country has a different type of ingredients and taste. Historically, In USA and UK, it was commonly a clear and unage whiskey. After the 1862 Revenue Act, the black market for alcohol grew bigger. Before the act, there was a black market for alcohol, but it grew rapidly after the act. Making whiskey from corn was more profitable than selling it raw. So, many started creating it from their corn.

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Before the Prohibition era, It was less than 40% alcohol consumption of overall alcohol consumption in the USA. After the prohibition, it grew to 75%. It was more famous than wine and beer. Higher proof alcohol is easier to transport because of less quantity. Horses and carts were used in the 19th century for transporting alcohol. However, new vehicles changed it, and smugglers started using high-tech cars to outrun authorities’ cars. As officers began updating their vehicles, smugglers soon started to modify theirs. Smugglers preferred small cars over big heavy trucks because trucks get noticed early. With time, the vehicles improved, and smugglers were organizing races for money and fun.

Different Flavors:

Blackberry: It is a classic flavour. Blackberry adds the ideal sweetness to Moonshine’s usually bold taste. It’s not overpowering or too soft of a flavour. It is a must-try taste if you drink it in summer or spring.

Peppermint. Peppermint is an excellent option for your winter cocktail, which will add a refreshed taste to your favourite drink. It is famous for its crispy and fresh taste.

Cherry:  Cherry is an excellent choice for moonshine because of its sharp sour taste that cuts the alcoholic taste. 

Apple: It is one of the most famous flavours; it brings apple cider to another level. Luckily, many types of apples available on the market range from tart to sweet in taste. It’s also an excellent cocktail mixer and a nice beverage for Halloween parties.

Vanilla. It is a unique combo, and you should try it once. You can enjoy it if you like its sweet taste. You can drink it as a dessert. Nevertheless, this makes it an excellent option for parties.


Unfortunately, It is not beneficial to your body. It is too unhealthy because of its high ABV. It may help you in digestion, but for that, other safer options are available. Well, it is terrible for your health if you drink it in an overdose. All the claims of Moonshine being healthy is not valid. However, drinking it in controlled quantities is not harmful.

legal or Illegal?

You need to have a permit or license to make Moonshine in the USA. Creating it without a government permit is illegal and punishable. Some distillers have government permission to make it. Many restaurants use the word Moonshine to market their restaurant; however, they serve clear alcohol instead of Moonshine.

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What is Moonshine?

It is a high-poof, unaged whiskey. People calls it Moonshine because it is distilled at night to avoid police. It is illegal in most countries.

What kind of alcohol is in Moonshine?

In Moonshine, people use whiskey as alcohol. It is an unaged whiskey with transparent color.

Is Moonshine stronger than alcohol?

The answer will be yes; it is stronger than regular alcohol because it is not aged, which makes it a potent alcohol. Most regular alcohol is 80 proof; however, Moonshine has proof up to 150.

Is making Moonshine illegal?

Yes, producing it without a permit is illegal. However, you can get a permit and then sell your alcohol.

What is Moonshine’s main ingriedient?

The primary ingredient of Moonshine is corn. However, you can use other grains and fruits to produce it.

How much proof is Moonshine?

Most branded Moonshine is 80 proof. However, local one can have up to 150 proof.

How to buy Moonshine?

Some brands sell Moonshine, and you can purchase it from them. However, most branded ones has low alcohol content, and the method to make it is also different from regular.


Many types of alcoholic drinks are available right now, but most of them have low alcohol content. If you want high ABV in your drink, you should choose Moonshine. Before this post, you probably thought What is Moonshine? Because of our post, now you have all the info about it. It is illegal to make Moonshine without permission; however, you can consume it because some brands have it in their variety of alcoholic drinks. Tell us in the comments whether you are going to try Moonshine or not.

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