Top 6 Movies to Watch on a Weekend

Every year, who isn’t on the lookout for some highly anticipated films? After all, they are entertaining to watch, and the finest ones often leave us with some intriguing questions. We have put up an amazing list of all the big-budget movies that will keep you entertained. Because these have some very huge names associated with them, our expectations are sky-high.

Let us walk you through these films and what we know so far about them. But, before we do so, some of the films will be released on streaming platforms rather than in theatres, so be prepared to have high-speed internet so you can enjoy a movie night without any buffering troubles. And in case you are a cable TV fan, then you would have to wait a little more as it takes time for movies to be released on TV channels. 

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So don’t lose hope because your entertainment cravings are covered even if you are a cable TV fan. Anyhow, we have listed the movies that will make you jump in excitement. They all have amazing storylines. So add them to your watch list and thank us later.  

        1. Jurassic World: Dominion

This intense film is for our dinosaur lovers who have essentially learned the names of all their favorite lizard alike creatures. The movie looks very promising and the directors have done a great job. We are sure that this movie will keep you all glued to the screen. What we have gathered from the movie and the little hints given by the actors is that in the end, humans would have to learn to live with the dinosaurs.

       2.  Along for the Ride

The exciting Netflix film ‘Along for the Ride’ revolves around the lives of a bunch of insomniacs who plan to go on a thrilling quest to experience a life that they had never lived. Life is full of fun, adventure, and excitement. 

       3. Vengeance

I am sure we are all aware of the very popular and entertaining TV show ‘The Office’. Well, guess what? The writer of your favorite TV show has directed the film called, ‘Vengeance’, which was released back in 2022. Vengeance is a very intense thriller with a pinch of humor about a New York podcaster who goes on a voyage to West Texas to solve the mystery of the death of a female with whom he had been hooking up.

     4. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Of course, Chad Bosewick’s death threw a wrench into the Black Panther storyline, leading us to wonder if the handsome prince would ever return. The movie that was released in 2022 inspired many Marvel fans. We won’t give out any spoilers, so just watch the film and witness how T’Challa’s absence would be dealt with in the future.

      5. The Bride

Do you like thriller films? Have you been waiting for a new thriller to be released? Well, your prayers have been answered. The Bride is essentially a thriller that revolves around a young girl who is invited to attend a luxurious destination wedding in England. However, that is not it. The film will take a sinister turn and keep the audience hooked to the screen.

      6. DC League of Super-Pets

We got our first look at DC Super-Pets at the DC Fandom event in August 2020, which stars Superman’s heroic dog (much like his human) who teams up with a flying cat to combat crime, but that is all we are going to reveal in this article. 

       7. Matilda

Matilda is the story of a brilliant young girl who, equipped with a sharp mind and an amazing imagination, takes the initiative to alter her own life story, with astonishing outcomes.

       8. Happening

The French drama Happening, based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Annie Ernaux and directed by Audrey Diwan, follows a brilliant young student who becomes pregnant in 1960s France when abortions were illegal.

Final words

We do not know about you, but just writing about these films has made us tremendously excited, and we cannot wait to watch them again. We would advise you to plan a movie night, invite all your friends over and watch all these exciting films. You are going to love them, we promise. Have fun!

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