Ryan Waller: A Victim who was Turned into a Suspect

“Innocent until proven guilty” is the standard approach when someone is a suspect and on the wrong side of the law. It was different in the case of Ryan Walker. This man was neither famous nor a celebrity until he became a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend. The Phoenix police booked him at first sight when, in fact, he was a victim. There had been a certain course of events that changed Waller’s life forever.

About Ryan Waller

Ryan Waller, a young American man, gained the attention of the nation in the late 1990s when police interrogated him for a murder he did not commit. Even worse, this young American from Knoxville, Tennessee, received a head wound from a bullet. Waller was in the national spotlight during his twenties when he became a suspect in the December 2006 murder incident.

Ryan Waller’s relationship status

Ryan Waller was dating Heather M. Quan, and they were committed to one another. On December 23, 2006, robbers shot both Ryan and his lover. Sadly, Heather M. Quan died on the spot where Ryan lived for 26 more days. He later died due to seizures that occurred because of serious injuries. In an investigation, police understood that Heather simply died because she was a witness to a presumed murder.

Full name Ryan Waller
Gender Male
Year of Death 2007
Age at Death:  In his twenties
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: America
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Ryan Waller’s Girlfriend: Heather Quan
Marital Status: in-relation
Dating Heather M. Quan
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Birth Place Knoxville, Tennessee
Famous for: Being accused of the murder of his girlfriend with a gunshot wound to his head
Profession: Public Personality
Birth Place Knoxville, Tennessee

The incident that changed Ryan Waller’s life

Murder suspect interrogated for 6 hours before police realize he's been shot in the face

The night before Christmas Eve, Ryan Waller and his girlfriend were having a good time when they heard someone knocking on the door. The couple was not expecting any visitors, so they were astonished to have their evening disrobed by someone unknown.

The moment Ryan opened the door to check on the person, two intruders held him at gunpoint. He even tried to shut the door in their faces but was too slow. The intruders then shot him in the head and the eye. Intruders believed he was dead and then entered the apartment and shot his girlfriend.

Three days later, Ryan’s father got worried as no one heard about the duo. Since it was Christmas, it was hoped that Ryan or Heather would phone or visit them. After several failed attempts, his father called the police. The police went on to their apartment to check, where they found Heather Quan dead and Ryan Waller struggling despite being shot in the head. Waller was hesitant to speak with the police, claiming he had no recollection of the incident and requesting that they let him sleep.

The cop did not believe him and decided not to take him to the hospital. Instead, they questioned him in his injured state. It was this behavior of the police that caused an uproar.

Ryan Waller: What happened to him?

Ryan Waller was spending time with his long-term girlfriend Heather when the horrific murder occurred. Christmas is the most pleasant time for everyone, but it was a nightmare for Ryan Waller. His girlfriend died on the spot when the robbers attacked them both. Ryan Waller, however, sustained injuries for a while, but 26 days later he passed away.

Waller’s tale had unfair accusations and tragic elements involved. He did not end up as a victim; instead, he was the prime suspect in the unfortunate incident that cost two lives.

He went viral after a lengthy police interview, while he was already dealing with the two headshots. In the end, his case involved police misconduct and civil rights cases. It was concluded that the police failed to treat him right and ignored the brain injuries for many hours. The case gained prominence because of false information that made him a prime suspect.

There were many complaints and theories that the police ignored and, hence, failed to treat Ryan fairly. When the incident got media attention, numerous follow-up interviews were conducted with Ryan’s friends and family.

Ryan Waller: Just injuries or death?

✓Ryan Waller Interrogation - YouTube

If a person is injured, the police must provide medical attention, whether they are the suspect or the victim. But in the case of Ryan Waller, his medical assistance was delayed by 2 hours. It caused a lot of difficulties for Ryan for the next 26 days. Eventually, he died from a seizure. The robbers fired a fatal shot at him, which ripped out his skull piece from his head. It caused permanent damage to his head. Further reports suggest that the victim had to have both his eyes removed because of the injury.

Ryan Waller might still be alive today if the police had taken him to the hospital and he received prompt care. However, his death sparked outrage among people for the way the police handled the situation. Ryan Waller was questioned for hours despite being hurt. Damage was already done, which impacted him and caused his death.

Ryan Waller is not with us anymore because of the drawn-out, gruelling police interrogation. Because he was treated late for the injuries, the severity of his health problems may have been affected.

The real perpetrators in Ryan Waller’s case

The police initially started by interrogating Ryan Waller, considering he was the culprit as he was conscious even after being shot. Authorities, however, later tracked the real culprits behind this horrific occurrence. Larry Lloyd Carver and his kid, Richie Lee Carver, were the prime criminals.

The police discover that Richie was one of the perpetrators. He was Ryan’s ex-flatmate. Richie went to Ryan’s house to look for retribution in an alleged dispute. Richie had shot both victims and removed a few firearms and the computer from the crime scene. In June 2008, the verdict was against Richie. He was charged with weapons misconduct, murder, and burglary and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

But the accusations against the other perpetrator, Larry, were dropped due to a lack of evidence. Regardless of the decisions, she was charged in November 2011. Both are currently imprisoned in Arizona.

Ryan Waller on social media:

Ryan Waller was not on any platforms of social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. During his death in 2006, there was not much use of social media platforms like there is today. But he is still remembered by many people online.

Ending Note:

Such incidents frequently put us on edge, making us wonder if we should look to the police and the law for justice. The robbers got arrested, but the victim was turned into a suspect. His basic right to even get treatment was taken away. Ryan Waller may not be with us anymore, but with his incident, people’s outrage and media attention caused many changes in police actions.

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