Pink Whitney Drink: A Refreshing Drink for Any Occasion

The Pink Whitney Drink is a drink that has become so popular in recent years. It is a mixture of Vodka and pink lemonade. It is often decorated with a slice of lemon. Whitney comes with pleasing taste and is perfect for your summer evenings. It is perfect for every occasion, whether you are just at home. This is what makes this drink the first choice of many people. It comes with a citrus taste with the taste of Vodka. It is also the best drink for people with gluten allergies because it is gluten-free.

The drink was first discovered in 2019 by New Amsterdam Vodka. It was an instant success. Got many orders, but people couldn’t find them in stock. In October 2019, Whitney’s craze was out of hand, and it got drunk in the Stanley cup. There are numerous ways to make your Pink Whitney, but the most popular one is to mix Vodka in pink lemonade in a 1:1 ratio. Some people like it sweeter, so they mix it in different quantities. Today, you’re gonna learn so much new about Pink Whitney Drink.

Why is this cocktail called Pink Whitney Drink?

You wonder why it is called Pink Whitney. The reason is fascinating. This drink is dependent on bottled drinks of the New Amsterdam Vodka Company. It got named after Ryan Whitney. He is a former NHL hockey player of the NHL, and he also does a podcast called Spittin’ Chiclets, which is insanely popular among hockey fans. New Amsterdam collaborated with Ryan and created Pink Whitney, a mix of Pink lemonade with Vodka. From there, this legendary drink came into the world.  

Pink Whitney Drink

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It contains 6.6 grams of added sugar in just one shot; when we compare it to ordinary Vodka, which doesn’t have sugar. One hundred calories are what you get after one shot of this drink which is more in comparison to 65 calories in 1 shot of Vodka. Finally, The average price to buy one 750ml bottle is 18$, which is actually in budget-friendly drinks if you consider buying one.

How To Make Pink Whitney Drink At Home At Ease :

To make your Pink Whitney at home, you need these ingredients:

First is Vodka of your favorite brand which you like.

Second is the Pink Lemonade of your choice.

Lastly, it would be best to have an Ice cube or crushed ice for a smooth drink.


Ready to make this refreshing drink? Know how to make this at home with ease.

First, add the appropriate quantity of ice to the glass. Use good quality ice for a good drink. Then add your best Vodka to the glass. After that, add the pink lemonade of your choice to the mixture. Then, Mix them all perfectly by stirring. Stir it till you get your desired drink. Finally, your drink is ready. You can add a lemon slice to decorate the beverage. And that’s how you can make this fantastic drink at home and enjoy it by watching your favorite tv show or Netflix. Make it at home and share how it goes with us in the comments.

Some Variation Ideas :

Sprite : 

Sprite has its fanbase. But when it gets mixed with Whitney, it’s on another level. Carbonated drinks go perfectly with Vodka, which is why Pink Whitney and Sprite are perfect. Sprite makes the drink sweeter, which some people love so much. 

Red Bull:

Red bull has made its name in the energy drinks market. Vodka with the red bull is a great cocktail drink. Red Bull with this Pink Whitney drink makes your glass full of energy. For me, this is the best combo to drink. 

Pineapple Juice :

Sweet Pineapple and Pink Whitney taste so good when mixed. The sweetness of Pineapple blends perfectly with our pink beverage. This sweet drink is what will make your body happy.

Pink Whitney Drink

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Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry Juice with our pink drink makes an energizing and tasty cocktail. It has a sour and sweet taste with a Light bitter aftertaste, and when you mix it with Pink Whitney Drink, it will be luscious. You should try this one for yourself. 

Cola :

Cola is known worldwide as a carbonated beverage. Coke and Vodka are one of the easiest cocktails to make and taste good. When mixed with our drink, it gets more mouth-watering, but alcohol in the drink is still dominant in taste than the sweet taste of coke. You can attempt to try it out.

Grapefruit Juice:

The juice of Grapefruit has its own health benefits, which makes it the choice of most health enthusiasts. Grapefruit with Pink Whitney is simple to make and also good for your health. You should definitely try this one out.


Lemon and Lime contain the same type of test, but Lime is sourer. Limeade is made from lime juice, sugar, and pure water, which makes it tangier than lemon and lemonade. Mixing it with our pink-colored drink makes it more refreshing and tasty. This summer, you should try this combo.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How much is Pink Whitney’s Alcohol Content?

It contains about 30% alcohol content. You can use this drink at any celebration and function. 30% alcohol makes the drink 60 proof. It is light when you compare it to standard Vodka.

Does Pink Whitney come as Gluten-Free?

New Amsterdam says that their drink contains 0% gluten, making it gluten-free. They make pink Vodka from corn and go through it five times Distillation. They also do filtration three times to remove impurities. The sugar in the drink is also gluten-free.

Can you mix Pink Whitney Drink with wine?

Actually, you can mix it with any juice or alcoholic drink, but as you know, Whitney also contains 30% alcohol. Adding wine to it will make it so strong to drink. Also, the taste of both is not that of a match. Most people don’t like it. But you can try it yourself if you want to know how it tastes.

Pink Whitney Drink

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Are there other kinds of Pink Whitney Drink?

There is only one kind of pink Whitney, but New Amsterdam Vodka has some other flavors of Vodka, including apple, coconut, grapefruit, orange, redberry, and watermelon.

Are there other pink lemonade-flavored vodkas?

New Amsterdam is the only one that produces the standard pink lemonade flavor drink right now. But Smirnoff has pink lemonade vodka in their collection.

Conclusion : 

To conclude, Pink Whitney Drink is a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for every occasion. It got famous with just one hockey podcast and then became unstoppable. It’s so easy to make; you can change the taste by adding your favorite juice and beverages to get the desired taste. Now just buy the fine Vodka, mix it with your favorite Whitney, and enjoy watching your favorite sports game. Be sure to comment and share the recipes with your friends. Finally, If you know other recipes for this drink, tell us in the comments.

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