Every year comes that time when you decide to start planning your vacation. Full of good intentions, you browse in search of new tourist destinations, ending up never knowing what to choose. Here this article will reveal the top destination to travel and tour this vacation, i.e., Egypt. Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists from all over the world due to its abundance of historical, artistic and scenic treasures of extraordinary beauty and significance. There are lots of special Egypt tours packages, which allow you to visit multiple locations at the same time within the country at a special price.

When to go to Egypt

Egypt can generally be visited all year round because the climate is desert-like, therefore always quite hot and dry, even in winter. In summer, however, temperatures can reach (and exceed) 40 ° in many places, and it is therefore not recommended to visit the archaeological sites in the months from June to August. If your interest is mainly focused on Cairo and the archaeological sites of Luxor, Karnak, Aswan and Abu Simbel, the best times to go are spring and autumn.

The reasons to go to Egypt

Many travellers visit Egypt to fulfil their dream: imagine yourself encompassing the pyramids, the Child and the desert at a glance! For some, that first visit is their first great discovery of Egypt, but make no mistake that if you go, you will surely repeat.

Escape to the pyramids of Giza

The necropolis of Giza, located in the immediate vicinity of the southwestern outskirts of Cairo, is probably the most famous archaeological site in the world. The great pyramids, together with the Sphinx that has been scrutinizing the silent sands of the Egyptian desert for millennia, are the iconic image of Egypt. Get ready to experience the thrill of being able to admire the great pyramid of Cheops up close, the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing.

With any luck, you will be able to enter the pyramid; only a few hundred tickets are sold to visitors every day. Next to that of Cheops stands the pyramid of Chefren, the second largest on the site. The third is the pyramid of Menkaure, better known in Italy with the name of Merino.

In Egypt, there are many other pyramids testifying to the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization, but those of the Giza plateau is undoubtedly the most visited.

Walk in the Valley of the Kings

Among the sands of the valley, there are 63 tombs and burial chambers, from simple pits to more complex buildings, even with 120 rooms. All the tombs have been looted since ancient times, with the exception of the famous tomb of Tutankhamun, which returned the famous pharaoh’s trousseau intact.

Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

With over 120,000 artifacts from ancient Egypt kept in its halls, the Egyptian Museum is probably the first place to visit in the city of Cairo. On the first floor are preserved artifacts and objects dating back to the last two dynasties of ancient Egypt, as well as numerous artifacts found in the Valley of the Kings. The highlights of the museum are the kit from Tutankhamen’s tomb and the room of the royal mummy, containing 27 mummies royals from the time of the pharaohs.

Journey to the coral reef of the Red Sea

The reef here is very extensive. Just wear fins, mask and snorkel and dive even a few meters to admire the colours and variety of marine creatures that live in these waters. The most popular seaside resorts of the Red Sea are concentrated on both sides of the Gulf of Suez, first of all, Sharm el-Sheikh, on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Further north, up the coast, rises Dahab. On the west coast of the Red Sea in Hurghada, one of the first tourist settlements in Egypt.

A cruise on the Nile in Egypt

If you want to explore the famous archaeological sites of Upper Egypt in comfort, one of the most spectacular ways is to book a fantastic Nile cruise. Even today, after thousands of years, its waters are an excellent navigation system, used by the many tourists who visit Egypt every year.

Almost all Egyptian cruise ships ply the Luxor-Aswan route, a safe route that allows you to admire the extraordinary desert landscapes and ancient ruins. If you love adventure, it can be an excellent idea to sail aboard a felucca, the typical sailing boat used since ancient times.

Typical delicious dishes: The culinary side is another thing that attracts many people to this ancient land. Among the most famous dishes, it is impossible not to mention Kebab and Kofta, based on meat. Those who prefer vegetarian recipes, on the other hand, might be struck by Ful, a bean puree, or Koshary, a pasta dish.

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