Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets Brands You Just Have to Try!

The best frozen chicken nuggets are a crispy, juicy treat for kiddos and grown-ups who simply don’t have it in them to resist the temptation. Tender chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup always feel like comfort food. But then this comfort food is also junk food, isn’t it?

Don’t chicken nuggets have high levels of calories and fats? On top of that, aren’t they packed with unnecessary fillers and other ingredients? And then they’re breaded too!

To be completely honest with you, they might not be the healthiest choice out there. BUT does that mean you should NEVER eat nuggets? No, of course not. Just make sure you choose a brand that prepares at least relatively healthier chicken nuggets in comparison to the others in the frozen food section.

1. Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets

If this brand is popular for anything, which it is, then that’s got to be for their use of antibiotic-free chicken. Or in this case, antibiotic-free thigh and breast chicken.

One other thing you might find appealing about these Natural Chicken Nuggets is that they’re not bombarded with excess sodium, fat, or carbs. On top of that, they’re lightly breaded. So if you’re worried about your belly pooch, then rest assured knowing that these keep your tummy fat to a minimum.

2. Applegate Natural Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

Now how about a gluten-free snack to make sure allergies don’t come in the way of your cravings! Once again, Applegate uses only high-quality, antibiotic-free chicken.

Moreover, there are zero synthetic additives as well as zero sugar. So you have more than just one reason, and that is no gluten, to indulge.

3. Applegate Organic Chicken Nuggets

Never any amount of antibiotics ever - that’s what you get with a brand like Applegate. And you should know that by now. At the same time, growth hormones are also not injected or fed. Nor will you find any animal by-products and chemical nitrates or nitrites.

Only non-GMO verified chicken nuggets that taste exceptionally delicious even when baked. Your ultimate frozen food fantasy!

4. Tyson Chicken Nuggets

Yet another top brand that prepares breaded chicken nuggets with antibiotic-free, minimally processed, and all-natural chicken. Once again, no added growth hormones or steroids to wreak havoc on your health.

For those slightly on the health-conscious side of the spectrum, you’re most likely to be thrilled to know that there is absolutely no trans fat per serving. You get fully cooked frozen nuggets packed inside a resealable bag to keep the freshness intact.

5. Tyson Premium Chicken Nuggets

Just like the previous Tyson nuggets, these too are made of all-natural, minimally processed chicken. And with zero synthetic ingredients. Breaded and seasoned to perfection, each serving contains 14 grams of protein and no trans fat AT ALL.

You can prepare these fully cooked chicken nuggets in your microwave or oven. Just take them out of the freezer and cook right away. Much like Tyson’s chicken wings, which have made it to our top list of frozen chicken wings.

There’s just no doubt that Tyson includes 100% real chicken with the authentic crispy and juicy chicken nugget experience.

6. Banquet Chicken Breast Nuggets

We’re here to bring to you products with an unbiased perspective. On that note, you might want to know that even though these chicken nuggets by Banquet are tender and made of all-natural chicken, they contain excessive sodium and MSG as preservatives. So you may want to steer clear from these, which just means make them an occasional treat.

Don’t run to these nuggets whenever hunger or cravings strike. Instead, bring them out only on special occasions and pair with your most favorite sides and sauces.

7. Earth’s Best Baked Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

Here’s a brand that replaces wheat or white flour with rice flour and dried potatoes. Along with yellow corn flour, which is the very ingredient responsible for producing that perfect crispy breading.

At the same time, the brand makes it a point to keep the sodium levels to a minimum. So you know they care about your health while also providing an appetizing chicken nugget experience at home.

8. Earth’s Best Kidz Baked Chicken Nuggets

No preservatives and artificial ingredients - great news for kids, right! A delicious and healthy treat for your little hungry munchkins at home. The fat content is impressively low, which is also great.

And what’s also quite enticing is that the chicken nuggets are breaded and battered using whole wheat flour. So that’s only 8 grams of carbs with whole grains for every 4-piece serving. This, by the way, is not just awesome for kiddos but also for adults on a weight loss diet.

9. Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets

Did you know that these all-natural, fully cooked chicken breast nuggets are the brand’s top-selling item? And why wouldn’t they be when the whole breast meat is hand-cut into pieces and then breaded and seasoned perfectly well!

Moreover, just have a look at their ingredients list. Compare this list to just about any other, and you don’t take time to notice just how short it is. So it’s certainly the healthier choice for kids and grown-ups.

10. Trader Joe’s Chicken Drummellas

Even though the breading is mushy and the meat is mushy, these chicken drummellas by Trader’s Joe are a favorite. And that’s probably because of the lack of options in the freezer food aisle.

This may not be such a charming review for sure, but the chicken drummellas might as well be your least favorite than no favorite at all.

11. Weaver Chicken Nuggets

Breaded and seasoned to captivate your taste buds, these chicken nuggets come from a brand that encourages you to make sensible choices for your meals. No wonder they use white-meat chicken for their nuggets, which offer 10 grams of protein per serving with no trans fat.

You can prepare these ready-to-eat, fully cooked nuggets in the microwave or oven. Weaver has taken care of the rest.

12. Fast Fixin Jumbo ‘Nugget Shaped’ Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn chicken is such a huge hit in fast-food chains, McDonald’s McNuggets for example. The size is perfect for dipping into your favorite sauce. And the quality of the breading too is up to the mark. Speaking of which, the flavor is sweet and spicy with a peppery crispness to it.

But then don’t expect the ingredients list to not contain hydrolyzed soy protein. Also, the meat can be a little too dry.

13. Perdue Chicken Breast Nuggets

Every such article is incomplete without the mention of the brand name Perdue. They use skinless, boneless white chicken. But then they also use soybean oil, which has been linked to weight gain. So you better keep the consumption of these chicken breast nuggets in check.

Perdue involves no antibiotics, no animal by-products, no trans fat, and no fillers. Just fresh and flavorful chicken!

14. Perdue Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets

This is the brand’s certified organic recipe of whole grain chicken nuggets. The nuggets are fully cooked, then frozen. So that means convenience at its best.

And the brand is quite popular, much like Applegate, because they don’t add any growth hormones or steroids. To be honest, this is the healthiest that processed, frozen food can get.

15. Perdue Dinosaur Fun Shapes Chicken Nuggets

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets are still up and about. So why not upgrade your kid’s snack time with these antibiotic-free, trans fat-free chicken nuggets.

But then make sure you indulge only occasionally because the flour used is actually bleached wheat flour, which means it’s got harsh agents that tend to destroy nutrients. And minimal nutrition increases insulin levels that, in turn, spike up cravings.

16. Weaver Chicken Breast Nuggets

If you choose to ignore the high levels of salt in these chicken breast nuggets, then you’re likely to appreciate a brand like Weaver. After all, this isn’t their first recipe of nuggets we’re reviewing. Each serving gives you 10 grams of protein with zero trans fat.

However, the brand has been criticized for its inclusion of food additives and phosphates.

17. Weaver Chicken Dinosaur Fun Nuggets

If Perdue’s Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets didn’t seem like such a healthy choice for your kids, then how about Weaver’s Dinosaur Chicken Breast Fun Nuggets?

But then these too have their own drawbacks, such as excess fat and sodium, along with textured soy protein (MSG) that is a craving-inducing ingredient associated with increased belly fat.

18. Archer Farms Frozen Chicken Breast Nuggets

A simple, quick snack not just for your kids but also for your sudden cravings, Archer Farms Chicken Nuggets are fully cooked. And only white meat chicken is used by the brand.

All-natural chicken that has not been injected with or fed added growth hormones or steroids. No antibiotics either. Plus, the juicy, tender, and crispy-coated chicken breast nuggets come in a resealable bag to preserve freshness for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cook frozen chicken nuggets?

First, preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then place the frozen nuggets on a baking sheet to bake them for around 30 minutes.

As for pan-frying them, use vegetable oil. Let the nuggets fry on medium heat for about 10 to 12 minutes. Make sure to turn them over after 5 to 6 minutes.

Are frozen chicken nuggets healthy?

Frankly speaking, they’re not such a healthy choice. But then not all that you eat is always 100% healthy, right? Just make sure you pick a brand with a relatively healthier ingredients list.

Even storage conditions matter actually. The chicken nuggets should be frozen ALL THE TIME. Otherwise, their quality gets compromised. And for the best quality, don’t exceed the 6-month storage time limit, in the freezer of course.

How long do frozen chicken nuggets last?

If properly stored in your freezer at all times, frozen nuggets remain the freshest for around 6 months. But you can safely eat them after that period - it just means that the quality is not at its peak anymore.

Are frozen chicken nuggets pre-fried?

In most cases, frozen strips and nuggets are raw. While some of them are pre-cooked or par-fried. But don’t go by appearances because chicken nuggets may look browned or pre-cooked and still be raw inside. Check the instructions provided by the brand for cooking them.

Can I pan fry frozen chicken nuggets?

Yes, you can pan-fry them if you don’t want to bake them in the oven. Use vegetable oil for the task at hand. Fry the nuggets on medium heat for 10-12 minutes, turning them over midway. They should look golden brown at the end of it, and on both sides of course.

Can you eat frozen chicken nuggets raw?

No, you should never consume these uncooked, even if they’re pre-cooked by the brand. Because only chicken or meat with an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit (that is a result of cooking) should be eaten. Otherwise, you’re unnecessarily welcoming health problems into your life.

Now You Know All About the Frozen Version of Chicken Nuggets!

Do you have kids? If the answer is yes, then you’re most likely to stock your freezer with frozen items like chicken nuggets. But, to be honest, you don’t necessarily have to be a parent to devour these because even grown-ups get such cravings. So might as well tickle your fancy with reputable brands!

Chicken nuggets become a healthier choice when they have more protein per serving, with no trans fat. But you don’t gobble them down for health. Rather you enjoy chicken nuggets for their crispy-textured breading, juicy and tender meat, and the fact that they’re so easy and quick to cook.

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