Best Convection Microwave Oven Reviews to Upgrade Your Cooking/Reheating

The highlight of the show, in the case of convection microwave ovens, is that you can cook and microwave at the same time. Isn’t that simply just what you need if you don’t have much kitchen counter space?

You can reheat your delicious meals quickly without having to deal with any soggy texture or taste, which is something that normally happens with traditional microwaves. Sounds like something that can come in handy and make your life much easier in the kitchen, right?

It is a modern microwave after all. There’s convection cooking, steaming, grilling, and lots more. And what’s even more appealing is that all sizes and shapes are available across a broad range of price spectrum. Meaning there are units that are compact, affordable, etc.

So here are the best convection microwave oven reviews you’re most likely to find extremely useful to do away with the confusion of the whole selection process…

Reviews of the Best Convection Microwave Ovens

1. Toshiba EC042A5C-BS Countertop Microwave Oven

Toshiba has manufactured an appliance that so artfully combines convection cooking and microwaving with auto roast, auto bake, and defrosting. As a microwave, it meets all your expectations. And even as a convection oven, the unit performs its job flawlessly.

You can bake potatoes and make them crispy on the outside with a fluffy center. Even frozen pizzas are good to go, with that perfectly crispy bottom. And all this at a great, reasonable price!

Key Features

  • Fully featured, versatile convection microwave oven
  • Pre-programmed sensor menu for veggies, frozen pizza, etc.
  • Buzzer sound on and off option
  • Warm-Hold function and one-touch popcorn button
  • Child safety lock and eco-friendly, power-saving mode

2. Daewoo KOC-1C2KDS Multi Function Convection Microwave Oven

You may not have heard of this brand as much as Toshiba, but that surely doesn’t affect the credibility of this multifunctional, multi-purpose convection microwave oven. It features convection cooking, of course, along with grill function.

And with 17 pre-programmed auto cook options, you get the wonderful opportunity to prepare different types of dishes. We thought the integrated steam cleaning, in particular, was a huge plus as this function makes use of steam for easy, quick, and convenient clean-up.

Key Features

  • Countertop convection microwave oven with grill function
  • Automatic defrost by weight and time
  • Advanced 17 preset auto cook menu
  • Built-in steam cleaning and deodorizing feature

3. Emerson 1.2 CU. FT. 1110W Griller Microwave Oven

Brands like these reiterate the fact that you don’t always have to pay an arm and a leg in order to purchase an appliance that’s an overall winner. This griller microwave oven offers a lot of space inside yet it’s compact on the outside.

Efficient use is a part of the experience, no doubt. And you get 6 pre-set recipes and 11 different power levels. That means heating and cooking all sorts of things.

Key Features

  • Compact griller microwave oven
  • 11 power levels for microwaving
  • Digital timer and weight/time defrost LED display
  • Sturdy design with a child safety lock

4. Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave Oven

Now here’s a brand you can trust blindly with your money. This convection microwave oven reheats your occasional leftovers (be it pizza or fries) without creating any soggy mess that often is a part of microwaving.

Please note that that is a large appliance. But then it sits neatly over a mini-fridge also, if that’s where you want to place it. In terms of microwaving, you get more power in comparison to a standard budget microwave. Plus, there’s the fan feature for distributing the heat very well.

Key Features

  • Interior made of stainless steel that doesn’t absorb any odor
  • Touchpad controls with 9 pre-programmed options
  • Defrost by time or weight, grill, bake, and roast
  • Advanced Multi-Stage Cooking to automatically switch between functions

5. Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

Full-time RV enthusiasts, you simply can’t go wrong with this Sharp convection microwave. And if you’ve never used this kind of OTR microwave, that’s okay too because learning is not such a tedious or time-consuming process.

This RV-friendly convection and microwave combination oven bakes and microwaves splendidly. So much so that you may never go back to using only a microwave ever again.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel over-the-range convection microwave oven
  • Programming and cooking instructions are easy to follow
  • 3 different venting options for convenience
  • 4-way convection to bake, broil, brown, and crisp

6. GE Profile PEB9159SJSS 22” Countertop Convection Microwave Oven

You can use the convection cooking setting on this GE microwave oven whenever you’re in the mood for baking. Or even when browning is a part of your recipe. No doubt, it’s the best inexpensive way for having a fully functional microwave and adding an extra oven.

As a foodie or cooking enthusiast, you might like to know that the unit features sensor cooking controls. These automatically adjust the power and time to give you perfectly delicious results every single time.

Key Features

  • Convection microwave oven with full control panel
  • Countertop installation and even heat distribution
  • Sensor cooking controls adjust power and time automatically

7. Panasonic NN-GN68K Countertop Oven Microwave + Broiler Grill

Let us present to you one of Panasonic’s best-sellers that is this countertop oven microwave with broiler grill. It’s a 4-in-1 model perfect for those who also healthy eating. Speaking of which, the air fryer mode is such an excellent way of reducing fat and oil from your daily diet.

Even baking is very easy and quick because of the pre-set menu. No need to wait for the large oven to heat up either. Use it on a daily basis if you like, for homemade cookies, chicken nuggets, or to pre-cook potatoes.

Key Features

  • Countertop microwave oven with air fry setting
  • 7 pre-programmed auto cook menu items
  • Automatic genius sensor adjusts time and power
  • Broiling rack included to create a crisp, brown finish

8. Samsung MC11K7035CG Countertop Power Convection Microwave Oven

How can we complete the list without a Samsung convection microwave oven, right? So here’s an amazing appliance that is a genuine workhorse even if you use it multiple times daily. The grill feature, in particular, is our most favorite because it makes way for delicious breakfast sausages.

Even the standard microwave setting is praiseworthy when heating simple things like your morning coffee.

Key Features

  • Power Convection for even, faster cooking
  • PowerGrill toasts, crisps, and browns
  • Scratch-resistant ceramic enamel interior
  • Large LED display

The Complete Buying Guide


Does the cooking dish fit inside this microwave? This is what we mean by the size of the oven.

Then comes the clearance on the outside in order to facilitate proper ventilation. Your appliance should have a clearance of a minimum of 5cm along the sides, 10cm at the back, and 15cm at the top.


This factor is marked by cubic feet. The higher the cubic feet, the larger the size of the microwave. Smaller models have a capacity of 0.5 cubic feet. As for the largest ones, these are 2 cubic feet or higher. The majority of convection microwave ovens fall in the range of 1-2 cubic feet.

But then how can you decide if the unit meets your demands based on this type of measurement? Instead, focus more on how big the turntable and interior are. The door should open wide and high enough for you to fit your dishes into the microwave.


The unit of measurement used here is watts. So does a higher wattage equal to more power? Yes, which also means more even and quicker cooking capacities. For the most part, microwaves offer power between 500W and 1000W. And for most people, 700W is more than enough to microwave food and make popcorn. Plus, it’s affordable too.

But then if you want to cook a wide variety of recipes, then opt for 1000W. Because more power allows you to do heavy-duty cooking. Such as cooking meatloaf, vegetarian side dishes, plus desserts.

Ease of Use

Instructions printed on the display and controls that are easy to use. On top of that, a detailed instructions manual. These are features that make the whole process of using convection microwave ovens or any other microwave or oven much, much easier.

Pre-Set Cooking Modes

You obviously need more than just standard buttons to enter the time, start, and stop. The greater part of the best models is outfitted with pre-programmed cooking time settings. These pre-set modes select the power and time automatically depending on the recipe.

So you can cook potatoes, frozen items, popcorn, and a lot more simply by pressing a single button. There are pre-set options to defrost, reheat, and also melt chocolate and butter.

Cooking Functions

Convection cooking, grilling, and even steaming – that’s the kind of performance you should expect from top-selling convection microwave ovens. Needless to say, these extra cooking functions make the unit more expensive. But then you know you’re paying more so that your microwave can also perform the function of a conventional propane grill.

Moreover, convection-type microwaves crisp and brown food as well. As in the case of just traditional ovens of course.


Automatic sensors adjust the power and time for cooking based on the moisture levels in your food. These are specially designed to prevent uneven cooking, incomplete cooking, and overcooking. And that means no more biting into cold spots.

Venting System

The venting feature in convection microwaves is either external or recirculating. Recirculating vent systems suck the air into the microwave’s filter and then push it back out. Installation is easier in this case, plus, the ventilation is ductless.

Then comes the more efficient external ventilation system. These external vents pull in air from the kitchen and then redirect it all outside. They work better when it comes to getting rid of odor and heat from the kitchen space. However, these are more expensive in terms of installation if there’s no ductwork in your home.


The job of a turntable is to rotate the food to initiate even cooking or heating. It’s more convenient when the turntable is removable, so you can clean it easily. Or just place it into the dishwasher for getting rid of the dried food stains.

Moving on to the size of the turntable now. Is the thing large enough for accommodating your plate and dishes? When preparing large recipes, such as casseroles, a rectangular-shaped turntable instead of a round one is indeed a better choice.


Does the interior have way too many gaps or holes? It better not because these tend to trap grease and food particles. So cleaning becomes time-consuming and also difficult. Also, speaking of which, cleaning around an exposed grill element is also quite hard. No wonder there are models with a built-in grill element.

As for the design, a stainless steel exterior may look very visually appealing, but it demands more attention. Fingerprints can be easily spotted in this case. Make sure the coating is smooth and easy to clean.

Other Useful Features

  • Quick Start – With the press of just one button, you can start or boost the time of your heating or cooking session.
  • Time Adjust – This allows you to decrease and increase the pre-set time without disrupting the cooking process.
  • Delayed Start – How about having the convenience to program your oven to a pre-set time? However, don’t make the mistake of leaving your food inside the unit for too long.
  • Child Lock Safety – Why not deactivate your microwave when not in use just to make sure everything is safe?
  • Kitchen Timer – You can time whatever you like. For example, boiling eggs.

How to Use A Convection Microwave Oven Safely

The thing about convection cooking is that it heats up all that inside part of your oven. In that light, safety in the form of insulation that prevents the heat from spreading to the exterior is a must. These types of convection microwaves feature superior insulation in comparison to compact benchtop ovens.

The handle, door glass, and controls might still heat up but not as much as in the case of basic microwaves.

Also, when taking out food from the oven, keep in mind that the door from the inside is going to be very hot because of the convection mode. And that door, while opening, is likely to swing back to the hand. So wear oven gloves. And it goes without saying that you should allow the appliance to cool down before you clean the interior.

And one last thing – don’t use just microwave-friendly cookware after the convection cooking session. Otherwise, you’re most likely to damage your cookware because of the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using a convection microwave oven?

First of all, convection microwave includes convection cooking and microwaving. So that’s the job of two different appliances in one. You even get the combination mode, which combines microwave, bake, and grill.

Using a convection microwave, moreover, is very quick, efficient, and convenient. And this is even more in demand when you’re cooking at a high temperature. For example, pastries, pizza, and roasts. Even pre-heating to 240 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty quick.

Making your most favorite pastries crispy, melting and browning your daily cheese toasts, and so much more, along with reheating. All this is done speedily, no doubt about that as well.

Convection microwave ovens are also very useful for cooking for a small family. Along the same vein, most of them are affordable to buy and maintain. Even the energy cost is considerably lower. And the majority of the models are smaller and more compact. Thus, the perfect option for caravans, holiday homes, and small kitchen spaces.

Can you bake a cake in a convection microwave?

Convection microwaves include an additional heating element, along with a cooling fan that circulates hot air. That means both baking and roasting food is possible. You can bake cakes, cookies, and other desserts without any hesitation.

Many people assume that you can’t bake a cake in the microwave. Be it convection or non-convection, baking cake recipes in the microwave is an achievable task.

Can you use aluminum foil in a convection microwave oven?

Fortunately, aluminum foil is commonly used in the case of convection microwaves. It’s safe to use them, but with extra care. Because here the risks involved are slightly higher in comparison to other types of microwaves and ovens.

Can you cook a frozen pizza in a convection microwave?

Cooking frozen pizzas is possible indeed. Place it on the rack and then microwave the pizza for 4-5 minutes. The cheese should bubble before you start the convection mode. Choose the highest convection setting and preheat.

Final Note

You have to first decide what size or style of convection microwave you want for your kitchen space. Does your kitchen have a built-in microwave already? If yes, then the installation shouldn’t be a worry so long as accurate measurements are taken. But if not, then how about getting a countertop model instead?

Take into account other factors too, like capacity, power, pre-set cooking modes, and even your budget. If living alone, then a smaller, more compact, and more affordable convection microwave just fits. But then for larger families, only the bigger, higher-powered units can meet and exceed expectations.

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